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Do you need a technical report in Lorca? Then keep reading to find out what it is, what it contains, what it is for and, above all, how to get it.

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Posted on 10/05/2022

What is a technical report?

As you have seen in the previous article, a technical report is the written statement of the circumstances observed in the examination of the issue under consideration, with detailed explanations that certify what was said, basically it is a descriptive document issued by the Architect, in which ensures the truth of a fact and/or circumstance related to the building and/or land to attest to a specific fact or circumstance, usually related to a property or plot.

Technical Report in Lorca.

If you want to make a clear and concise statement in writing about the circumstances observed in your property or plot in the Lorca, either to have the document for security or to protect yourself against future or present legal problems, you need a technical report that save yourself from any possible mishap.

In Lorca this report will be carried out in the same way as in all of Spain, to find out more about what it contains and how it is prepared, keep reading.

What does a technical report contain?

The content of the Technical Expert Report of a Property will be:

  • Background and purpose of the report: with the personal data of the technical writer of the report (name, surnames, NIF, degree and collegiate number). Personal data of the person who commissions the report (name, surnames and NIF or NIE), address of the property and the reason for the Report.
  • Foundations: All the documents that have been provided to us for the realization of the property and those that we have been made are indicated.
  • Technical Assessments
  • Conclusions: based in the first place on the applicable Legal Rules and Codes.
  • Annexes, such as: Photographic Report, Deed, Cadastral File of the Property, Measurement and Budget of the referenced action, Blueprints, Essays or Tastings and Various Documentation: Such as technical documents written by companies or other technicians, Municipal documents such as licenses, testimonials from locals in the area, etc.

How is a technical report prepared in the Lorca?

In order to write a Technical Report in Lorca, the following scheme must be followed:

  1. Identify the intervening agents and the element or property of Lorca on which the technician will report, which will normally be:
    1. The person who carries out the order.
    2. The technician who makes the report.
    3. The property or plot in question.
    4. Any other person or entity involved in the report.
  2. Inspection of the Property that we will carried out to analyze the elements of the same on which the corresponding report is issued, this analysis will be described in the most detailed way, as well as with data that can be extracted from files, such as cadastre, town council of Lorca, records or documents provided by the property.
  3. Technical Assessments that will be carried out during the inspection or that will be reached in the drafting phase where the technician will reflect all the deficiencies or anomalies that have been detected.
  4. Conclusions or final opinion, the most important part of the report and where the report will give a conclusive opinion on the matter.

Key points.

You have already seen what a technical report is and what you need to be able to obtain your technical report in Lorca, you know what you are going to need to be able to start making your report:

  • A technician who makes the report, who will be an architect.
  • Documentation on the property or plot in question.

Since this report is a descriptive document created by the architect to verify a fact or circumstances, you will need a professional to carry out this process.

So if you need certificates or other types of documents, get in touch with us, Leukos Architecture, through our contact form or our telephone numbers.

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