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In LeuKos Arquitectura you will find your trustworthy architect to carry out the work or project that surrounds your mind. We offer our services throughout the entire municipality of Orihuela and we have a large number of entries regarding this municipality within our Blog.

We are dedicated to the integral management of all types of building processes, from the drafting and presentation of all types of licenses to the design of homes, calculation of structures and facilities in building.

We are a versatile technical team, solving all kinds of technical challenges in architecture. Therefore, we have thaught in different institutions regarding technical matters such as low voltage electrical installations or common telecommunications infrastructure (ICT).

Together with our construction and renovation company we can offer  turnkey service. In this way, we reduce the worries about every work, while saving you time and ensuring the best quality for less price.

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Private customers

For private clients we carry out from licenses to construction of new houses. These are some of the services we offer:

  • Project and construction of new houses.
  • Integral housing renovation.
  • Energy Efficiency Certificates (EEC) or Certificado de Eficiencia Energetica (CEE).
  • Occupancy certificates or “Cedula de habitabilidad” and first and second occupancy licenses or “cedula de primera o segunda ocupacion”.
  • Age certificates of houses or properties, “certificado de antiguedad de vivienda o inmueble”
  • Opening or activity licenses regarding businesses or “licencia de apertura o actividad”.
  • Responsible works declarations for housing reforms and renovations.


If you are a company or manage one, we carry out renovations of premises, visualization of properties and all kinds of reports for your company or your customers. These are some of the services we offer:

  • Integral renovation of premises, offices or showrooms.
  • Opening or activity licenses.
  • Technical reports of pathologies in buildings and structures.
  • Changes in the use of properties, from premises to housing and viceversa.
  • Urban feasibility studies regarding real state promotions or private promotions.
  • All kinds of building maintenance and rehabilitation. Visualization of real estate or renovations, virtual visits and videos.
  • Integral corporate identity design, including website and social networks.

Exterior sign of the restaurant.

Architects and engineers

If you are an architecture or engineering studio we can offer you a catalog of solutions that will expand your services and the possibilities of your projects:

  • Ask us for our calculation and project visualization packs.
  • Structural Calculation
    • Concrete structures.
    • Metallic structures.
    • Wooden structures.
  • Calculation of all types of installations in architecture. Electrical, ICT, etc.
    • Low-voltage electrical installations.
    • Air conditioning and ventilation installations.
    • Common Telecommunications Infrastructure Facilities.
  • Architectural visualization.
    • Infographics and images
    • Virtual tours
    • Promotional videos


At LeuKos Arquitectura we strive and train every day to offer better project solutions for our clients, whether individuals or companies. In Orihuela we develop our activity and offer all our services, so do not hesitate to write to us and we can make an appointment.

Write us without commitment and let’s talk about your project.

Ask us your questions and we will answer you quickly

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