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Energy performance certificate (EPC) all over the Región de Murcia and Alicante.

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Published on 26/03/2022

In this article we’ll talk about the Energy performance certificate EPC for its acronym. These certificates appeared a few years ago and are mandatory for certain activities related to buildings. Although they are already known, we are going to try to give some brushstrokes so that you have an idea of ​​what they contain

At Leukos Architecture we deliver the EPC one day after the visit to the house already registered, without complications, quickly and easily. Call us and get it right away.

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What is the Energy performance certificate (EPC)?

The Energy performance certificate (EPC) is a document required by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism for all of the homes that are going to be rented or bought in Spain. This measure wants to achieve an improvement in energy in all the countries of the European Union.

This document must incorporate all the energy aspects of the building, especially to allow a better evaluation and qualification of all the elements that make up the building. An aspect that is known as “energy label” is derived from it.

This measure wants to achieve an improvement in energy in all the countries of the European Union. Although it’s not normally linked to taking measures to improve energy savings in buildings, it seeks to ensure that citizens take this criterion into account when choosing to buy and rent all types of buildings.

What is energetic label?

The energy label is a document where the rating that the home has obtained is detailed. This data uses a scale of letters that go from A, being the highest, to G, which is the lowest of all. In addition, it is accompanied by a series of colors that allows defining which is the most energetic.

The certificate also includes an energy assessment in sub-aspects of the home related to efficiency, such as cooling, heating, domestic hot water, etc.

This data is included in the energy certificate, but it also includes information on the amount of carbon dioxide that can be emitted and even provides data on annual energy consumption. To better understand how this tag works, we’re breaking down its different qualifications:

  • The letter A is colored dark green and represents the highest energy efficiency.
  • The letter B is tinted lighter green still maintaining efficiency.
  • The letter C is painted in a more yellowish green and is not as energetic as the previous ones.
  • The letter D is colored yellow and represents normal efficiency.
  • The letter E has a more orange-ish tone and makes it clear that the property has very little energy efficiency.
  • The letter F is completely orange and is one of the last steps on the list.
  • The letter G is in red and represents a house that does not have any type of energy efficiency.

All users of the energy market must take into account that this label has a duration of ten years from the moment that it is issued.

Is the energy efficiency certificate mandatory?

Yes, according to the provisions of Royal Decree 235/2013, of April 5, all users who wants to rent or sell a property must have this certificate. This measure began in June of 2013, in order to inform the other person of the energy efficiency of said home and all real estate agents, sellers or landlords must present it at the time of the sale.

This certificate is closely related to the occupancy certificates, since they are the two documents that must be in order to rent or sell a home.

Who should carry out this energy certificate?

The Energy performance certificate (EPC) must be carried out by an authorized technician, who has the appropriate training for it and they may be engineers, architects or specialized technicians. The user is free to decide with which professional company he wants to carry out the certificate since there is no obligation to hire a specific one.

What is the cost of this proof of energy efficiency?

The cost of registering the Energy performance certificate (EPC) in the Region of Murcia is 23,23€. This would be the cost of a single home, without applying discounts or bonuses of any kind.

The cost of the Energy performance certificate (EPC) is not stipulated by the Government, but is established depending on the supply and demand that exists in the market at that time.

At Leukos Architecture we carry out this type of certificate within one day from the home visit and we present the certificate in the registry of the Autonomous Community for you.

When is the Energy performance certificate not required?

The energy certificate is mandatory for all users who want to enter the real estate market, either to rent or sell a home or premises they own, but there are certain cases in which this document is not required and are detailed on the next points:

  • Religious buildings and historical monuments.
  • Homes that are not going to be rented for more than 16 weeks at year.
  • Those buildings used for industrial or agricultural aspects.
  • Properties that have been demolished or destroyed or that are going to be a temporary construction.

However, they are needed for multiple procedures, such as the opening of premises. You can find out everything in our entry on activity licenses.

What happens if I do not have the energy certificate?

Although there is a possibility of facing a fine, without the Energy performance certificate you can’t carry out any sale or rental of real estate, and its presentation is mandatory. Although, the number of internet portals that offer certificates at a very low price proliferate, these must be registered in the specific registry of the Autonomous Community and applied to the home in question, otherwise they wouldn’t be valid.

Any user who does not have a valid energy certificate must face a fine, as established in the law 8/2013, of June 26, where non-compliance can lead to minor, serious or very serious offences. The consumer can face fines from 300€ to 6,000€ approximately.

At Leukos Architecture, we always visit the building to collect data. In the same visit we will give you all the information and we will exchange documentation, so that within one business day we will present the energy efficiency certificate in the Community registry so that you can use it for your transaction. Easy, simple and with all the guarantees.

What documentation do I need to obtain the energy certificate?

To obtain the Energy performance certificate for any home in the Region of Murcia, you do not need much documentation. The procedure only needs the following documents:

  • CEnergy performance certificate (EPC) of the building. Prepared by a collegiate technician with skills in the field.
  • XML digital file generated by the recognized program for energy certification. This type of file is generated by all the programs used to make this type of certificate and your technician should give it to you as well.
  • Proof of payment of the corresponding fee. Which, we remember, is 23,23€ in the Region of Murcia.

Forms for the registration of the Energy performance certificate (EPC) in the Region of Murcia.


In summary, obtaining the energy efficiency certificate is a simple and mandatory procedure currently for the vast majority of transactions or actions that we want to carry out in a home.

At Leukos Architecture we carry out this procedure in cities such as Cartagena and Murcia and, in general, in all the municipalities of the provinces of Alicante and Murcia, just ask us!

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