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At Leukos we like to focus on you and your needs. We try to make architecture close to our clients.

For this reason, we will rarely impose a solution or design on you. We like to adapt to your wishes and tastes.

We are not perfect, but we can promise you that we will not hide anything from you. Our quotes are always complete. Visa fees, building permit fees, certificate fees, all included so that you can see everything clearly and not be surprised.

What’s more, we are versatile. Leukos Arquitectura is run by Francisco and Xiomara.

I am Francisco, the more technical part. Expert in architectural heritage, legal architecture and installations. Learn more about me, on my personal webpage.

Xiomara on the other hand, is more logical . She is the other half of Leukos and specialises in renovations, distributions and structures.

That is why we can offer you a wide range of services. We can help you with everything from certificates to the complete design of a nearly zero-energy house, for example. We have been involved in the renovation of monuments such as the Negro Tower in Cartagena or the project management of works on golf courses in dozens of blocks.

Here you can see some of our projects and services:

Our services

  • New construction

    The house of your dreams is closer than you imagine

    Your house far easier than you imagine.

    Adapted to you and your needs.

  • Renovations

    Property renovations of houses and businesses

    Do not risk it. Your renovation without bureaucracy and all the warranties.

    With a design adapted to you.

  • Opening of businesses

    From office premises to discos.
    Hassle free.

    Opening a business is already difficult, the activity license will not.

    The most important thing, that you can start earning money without hassle.

  • Reports and certificates

    The report you need with total transparency.

    Experienced in court processes as judicial expert and pathology evaluations.

    Energy performance certificates, antiquity work, georreferenciated coordinates, technical report, etc.

  • Estructure and installations projects

    We are proffesors and projecters with proven experience.

    We design and manage all kind of installation and structures.

    Electrical, ventilation and air conditioning, telecommunications, solar panels, etc.

  • Habitability and registration of services

    Habitabily license and electrical and water bulletins

    If you are going to move in and you need the certificate of occupancy -first or second occupancy- or the electricity or water bills, we can help you.

    Know more

  • Building evaluation

    Evaluation of single-family or multi-family buildings, ITE, IEE, etc.

    Whether it is an old building or you are going to buy a property and you are not sure what state it is in, we can help you.

    We have extensive experience in pathology assessment.

  • Tourist licenses

    Rent your home on the main portals.

    Get the licence for holiday renting hassle free.

    We take care of everything.

We are not perfect, but we can promise you

Our principles

Full clarity

This page is not translated. At Leukos we speak English, so the language is not a burden for our collaboration.

There are no hidden costs. In our quotations we try to make everything crystal clear.

We include all costs so that there are no surprises.

We will tell you what can go wrong and what can go right, of course.

And we will never collaborate with you if there is no real chance that your project will be successful.


We like design. We do. We are architects, indeed.

But we won’t impose one solution or another on you. You will always have the last word.

Of course we have our technical limitations and your own benefit, but we flee from the classic figure of the “star architect” who imposes his wishes on the client.

At Leukos you will always be at the centre.


If you hire us, our focus will always be at you.

We will fight for your project above all else. We will look for any legal loophole to get it.

We are independent from other agents. From the administration, from the builder, from anyone.

The most important thing at Leukos is our customers. And for him to get what he wants, we will always be there.

And if another party is affected and doesn’t like it, they can hire us next time ;)


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