Full renovation of a single-family house in La Union, Murcia

The renovation of this house is a somewhat special project. On the one hand, we managed to completely turn an almost dilapidated house around. On the other hand, it has been done with very few financial resources and even resorting to regional subsidies, in particular those of the ARRU or Ayudas a la Regeneración y Rehabilitación Urbana de La Unión called by the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia.

This house had its origins in the 1970s. It had a horrible interior layout. Outdoor toilet in the patio. Kitchen just 150 centimeters wide. An L-shaped hallway that occupied half of the house. A gallery-pantry exterior practically unattainable.

The design could not be more different. A large space with an open kitchen and living room dominates the project. A spacious bathroom and three bedrooms. The main bedroom with a large dressing room and a coquettish and very well used toilet room. All this with just over €30,000 in total.

Also, the ARRU grant has recently been awarded, all the best!

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