Terrace license in Murcia

What types of licenses, what do you need and steps to get your terrace license in Murcia

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Published on 30/06/2022

Terrace license in Murcia.

What types of licenses, what do you need and steps to get your terrace license in Murcia.

What types of terrace license exist?

When placing furniture on the sidewalks, squares or terraces of bars, you must have a license from the Murcia Council.

The Municipal Ordinance of occupation of public roads of the City Council is in charge of establishing the amount of furniture that you can put on the terrace. You get the license, or permit, by making a request to the City Council with the necessary technical documentation, plans and the technical memory.

As for the types of licence, we find several types of licenses for bar terraces:

  • Annual license: it is the one that is valid for the whole year.
  • Seasonal licences: these are licenses for summer terraces (from March to October), for which the cost of these licenses is usually higher and depends on municipal ordinances.
  • Eventual license: it is used for certain dates, such as those of festivities, whether they are regional or from a specific area.

What do you need to apply for a terrace license for a bar, restaurant or cafeteria in Murcia?

First of all, you will need to gather the necessary documentation and once you have all the documents, go to the town hall. but think that, in order to apply for a license, the terrace must meet a number of requirements that depend on Murcia, so you will have to consult the regulations of each one.

These requirements will be:

  • Allow pedestrian passage without completely invading the public thoroughfare.
  • The size of the elements and their arrangement.
  • Timezone in which the elements will be placed.
  • Type of space in which they are located.

Normally, a terrace license or occupation of public roads is a license that is expressly granted, so it usually takes weeks or months to be granted.

To obtain a terrace license you will also need the following documentation:

  • Completed form.
  • Photocopy of the applicant’s DNI.
  • Photocopy of the opening or operating license in the applicant’s name.
  • Situation
  • Floor blueprints and elevation of the terrace.
  • List of furniture, different elements and surfaces of the terrace.
  • Adjacent local authorization.
  • Authorization from the Community of Owners (if the terrace is on private land, but is for public use).

How much does a terrace license cost?

The cost is established according to the ordinances, and the price will be variable, depending on:

  • The time of year.
  • The surface of the terrace.
  • The tax category of the streets where the terrace is going to be installed.
  • The amount of furniture and the type of elements to be installed.

It’s best to ask the town hall or a specialized technician.

Procedure to get your terrace license in Murcia step by step.

If you have decided to open a terrace in Murcia, you are going to need a license to do so, so, first of all, you have to go to the Town Hall, where they will give you a series of forms that you have to fill out in reference to the space you are going to occupy, the arrangement of the furniture and other elements, the time slot by which the bar terrace will be governed, etc.

This is the step by step to get your license for a terrace:

  • First of all you will need to get all the necessary documentation, this will consist of: A photocopy of the license to open a bar, cafeteria or similar in your name, which is valid before making the request, a map on the distribution of all the elements of the terrace, the authorization of adjoining premises (it is necessary that the surrounding premises have given their authorization), the authorization of the community of owners (if it is a private space for public use), also A photocopy of the DNI will be required.
  • Second, you are going to get in touch with a technician and/or architect to whom you will have to give all that documentation so that he can write and complete the license.
  • Third, once the architect has drawn up that license, you are going to present it to the town hall.
  • Fourth, once the license is presented at the town hall, you will have to pay the fees that the license will carry.
  • Fifth, the city council will carry out an inspection to be able to grant, or not, the license.
  • Sixth, the city council will ask for more documentation (only in some cases)
  • Seventh, your license will be processed and granted.

This procedure can be very messy and it is always better to leave it in the hands of professionals who will ensure that the license is not denied.

What are the occupancy permits for public roads in Murcia?

It is an authorization granted by the Murcia Administration to a natural or legal person who needs to occupy the street for their own use during a certain period of time.

It is the reservation of a specific area of ​​the public thoroughfare for the exclusive use of the natural or legal person who has requested its delivery. The facilities can be very varied: stalls or sales booths, construction materials, fences, scaffolding, containers, vehicles or exclusive car parks.

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