Leukos Arquitectura provides technical assistance to turn San Javier into a Smart Tourist Destination

As part of a contract awarded by the San Javier Town Hall

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Francisco Joaquín Jiménez González. Registered architect. Know more

Published on 03/09/2023

The City Council of San Javier has awarded Leukos Architecture the technical assistance services during the installation of IT services within the framework of the Smart Tourist Destination strategy.

These IT services aim to modernise its tourism model by monitoring and making use of today’s technological advances.

During the works, sensors will be installed to monitor air quality, electric vehicle charging points, vehicle access control and influx of people or intelligent totems for citizen information, among other devices.

Leukos Architecture will provide technical assistance during the works, ensuring that they are carried out in safe conditions and that all the devices and the necessary construction elements are correctly installed.

Among others, works will be carried out for the foundations of the smart totems, electrical and telecommunications connection points and adaptation of the pedestrian walkways, among others.

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