Complete renovation of a pharmacy in San Javier, Murcia

In this project of reform and opening of a pharmacy in Santiago de la Ribera we show you what we did to renew the image and optimise all its spaces and routes. We carried out an interior redistribution, creating new work rooms, changing the entrance and, all this while keeping the pharmacy running at all times. In this way, we optimised the space, creating an orthopaedics area and moving the laboratory to the semi-basement floor.

As the pharmacy was open, it was essential to carry out the refurbishment without closing for a single day. As it was a pharmacy, we had to take into account health aspects, such as proper storage of medicines and ensuring that the staff could work efficiently.

We generated three distinct phases for the work. Firstly, the creation of the new entrance and the creation of a provisional “plasterboard” partition, maintaining the old entrance as a customer service area. We worked on this area as we were able to act in the semi-basement and change the layout, and also not affect the usual customer service area.

After completing this area, all the furniture was changed to the finished area, intervening on the distribution, air conditioning ducts, definitive electrical installation, accessible toilet, among others. In a final phase, work was carried out on the entire exterior of the premises.

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