How much does it cost to build a pool? – Costs and procedures.

Everybody likes swimming pools, but we usually get lost with the costs and the paperwork that needs to be done.
Let’s see it!

Post by: Francisco Joaquín Jiménez – Updated in 13/04/2022

An aquatic space to cool off, swim… is a temptation for anyone. However, many renters are stopped by one question: how much does it cost to build a pool? Next we will give you prices, requirements and other information so that you can get a very approximate idea of ​​what you need.

But if you are impatient and want to know something NOW about the price of your future pool, we will tell you that the m2 of built pool fluctuates between €300 and €500 for the most common pools.

What’s necessary for the construction of swimming pools?

In addition to adequate space and land, we will inform you about what’s necessary for the construction of swimming pools.

  • Technical project. This is the drafting of a document that must include:
  • Constructive memory.
  • Descriptive memory.
  • Calculations on installations and structures.
  • Compliance with the CTE or Technical Building Code.
  • Basic health and safety study.
  • Study for the correct treatment of waste.
  • Plan for quality control.
  • Municipal works license. An essential requirement in swimming pools, due to its visibility from the air and increasingly frequent inspections. Keep in mind that there are many “careless” users who have been made to remove the pool for being in an illegal situation, in addition to paying large fines. We will see later the licenses for swimming pools, but usually they can be processed with a declaration of responsibility for the work or “express license”.
  • Choice of construction company. The most advisable thing is to request budgets for the construction of the swimming pool already with the design and measurements of your architect, this way you will be able to request budgets based on the same details and you’ll avoid possible misunderstandings or higher costs later.
  • Construction of the swimming pool. When the work is finished, it is necessary to make a document that certifies that the work has been completed and if there have been any variations with respect to the original project. This document is called the completion certificate, which will be drawn up by the architect. This will be once the construction of the pool has been completed, and must be approved by the corresponding College of Architects.

If you need more information or a budget about the construction or legalization of swimming pools, contact us without commitment –>


Choose the type of pool you want.

Choosing the type of pool that you really need is one of the most important points in this entire process. That is why you should get good information about the materials, accessories, the shape of the glass and other factors. Here are the different types of swimming pools:

  • Construction pools. It is the best choice for the durability and design of the pool itself. Its price is equated to that of the prefabricated pools. They are very resistant aquatic facilities and, above all, customizable in every way.
  • Prefabricated pools, polyester or fiberglass. In this case, the pool shell is already built at the factory. It will have to adapt to the hole made in the ground. These types of installations are somewhat cheaper than those built on site but maintenance is much more complicated, in addition, lately they are increasing their cost so that their costs are similar to construction pools.
  • Steel pools. They are installations from modular steel plates. These are articulated with each other to give the pool its shape. One of its advantages is the customization that allows the arrangement of the metal plates. However, they are usually much more expensive.

How much does it cost to build a swimming pool?

We have started by indicating the approximate price per m2 so that you can get an idea.

The truth is that the cost of a swimming pool will depend on its type, its size, its inclusion in its contour, the integration of skimmers or other accessories, the choice of the lining materials and even the incorporation of underwater lighting.

But we do not want to confuse you, on the contrary, that is why we will provide you with some estimates from which you can get an idea. On average, the price of a construction pool is around €11,500 without taxes for a pool 8 meters long and 4 meters wide, including the license and the conditioning of the pool contour.

Keep in mind that all the prices in this article are only approximations and will always depend on many circumstances such as the company, the location, the design and many others.

Prices of construction and prefabricated pools.

Within prefabricated pools, prices vary more, since it depends on the manufacturer and the material from which the pool is made.

They are usually somewhat a cheaper option. For example, a prefabricated PVC pool can cost around €9,000-10,000.

Other factors must be taken into account, such as repairs or maintenance. But without a doubt, they are a good alternative to save some money and carry out the work more quickly.

Legal procedures to build a swimming pool.

As we have mentioned before, building a pool will always require the drafting of a technical project. However, urban planning licenses change depending on the criteria of the city council.

For example, we have built swimming pools in municipalities where they have only requested prior communication. To give you an idea, prior communication is usually used to change a bathtub for a shower or the floor of a room, but little else.

The most common is to request a declaration responsible for the work. This is an express license where we will not have to wait for the city council to authorize the construction.

We also have had cases where we have had to apply for an urban planning license or major construction license. These are the most exceptional cases and they are fewer and fewer. If your pool is complicated to build, we may have to resort to this license. The annoyance of applying for a planning license is that we have to wait for it to be granted, which can easily take several months.

When is it better to legalize a pool?

If you ask us about legalizing swimming pools, it is best to legalize them as soon as possible. The reason is simple, if it is a “traditional” pool, one that is dug into the ground, the pool will almost in all cases comply with urban planning regulations.

So, it is very common for the cadastre or other administration to check the pools built with arial photos to update the taxes.

Once the Cadastre detects it, it will communicate it to the town hall and, if it is not legalized, they will fine you heavily and a process will begin that will end with the legalization or restoration of legality.

For this reason, it is a good idea to legalize the pool before having major problems, since it can be easily done with a legalization project and a legalization file at the town hall.

If you haven’t been caught yet, this way you’ll avoid fines and you’ll only have to pay what you initially had to pay.


As we said before, everybody likes a pool. They are becoming cheaper and it is advisable to request a building license to avoid problems in the short or medium term, especially now that it can be requested by responsible declaration or express license.

Now is your turn! Tell us in comments your impressions.

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