Renovation project and opening of a pub in San Javier, Murcia

We share with you the Leveche Pub in Santiago de la Ribera, where we took care of both the renovation and opening project.

All music bar openings are complicated. The activity itself emits noise, so sound insulation is essential. What is more complicated, we had a total height of 2.90 meters, where we had to incorporate installations, acoustic floor and a double false ceiling with sufficient acoustic insulation.

But this project did not stop there. In addition to that, we had an adjoining house on the ground floor. This forces the insulation to be even better, since at night the transmitted noise cannot exceed 25dBA.

This, along with electrical project, acoustic study, electrical inspection, sound inspection, justification of CTE, fires extinguisher means, environmental memory, accessibility… all this is what we did here. And, besides, the result is magnificent.

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